Thursday, September 17, 2009

Riding the rails

I wanted to find the perfect site for a picture of me sitting in one of those empty train carriage cargo things that hobos travel around the place in. But I couldn't track one down. Truth be told, I didn't really look. So you'll just have to imagine the scene that such a picture would set for this post.

OK, can you see it? You there with me? Good. Then I'll begin.

I plurked the other day about needing somewhere to live and lots of lovely people came back with suggestions. Well, I say lots. It was more like six. Or five maybe. But it's better than none, eh? Last night I went to check out a couple or three of these suggestions. All three places I checked out have definite plus points.

I want to live near friends, or at least people I know who it would be good to become friends with. All three places fulfil this criteria. I don't know any of the people who invited me and showed me around particularly well, but I'm working on that.

Where all three places differed though, was in terms of size, and resultant prim count and cost and stuff. The first one was maybe half of what I had before. The second was similar in size etc to the old mudmound. The third was a skybox with minimal prims and a little bit of beach space. The bonus about this one is that it is cheap, sooooo cheap.

I guess I just need to decide what I want really. And what I need. After I disposed of the chickens I really wasn't using the total prim allowance I had before. So a smaller plot would be an option, especially if I garnished the place with less primmy but awesomely cute trees and shrubs.

On the flip side, a furnished skybox with only 30 or so spare prims (more if I decide to remove current furniture and use my own) would not break the bank in any way shape or form. In fact the paintings I'm selling at the gallery would probably even cover it. Even before the great big gala launch I'm kinda almost getting round to planning. This is a pretty big plus point. On the down side of this however, there would be no prims spare for Buckley, nowhere to rez a motorbike for a bez at home, no choice of house and nowhere for my "primmy but awesomely cute trees and shrubs". It would be a compromise.

So basically, just like Natalie Imbruglia, I'm torn. I can't make up my mind. There are a couple of others places I need to check out with friends but I think I'm still going to be faced with the same choices, but just with a bigger list of options.

Oh, something else in common - all three friends showing me around had names beginning with vowels. Just me that finds that interesting? Oh, ok.


  1. I'm not fond of skyboxes myself, despite having my current house in the sky :P If cost is not an issue you can afford a larger plot of land that really feels like home. I suspect, from what you said, that if you took the skybox it might not really feel like home.

    The best advice I can give is to go by gut instinct. Once I rented a piece of land based on price (it was cheap). But I was surrounded by ugly structures & littered prims on neighbouring lots, and even though I put up privacy screens to block out the sight, I just never felt comfortable there. I didn't even bother to look for a house; simply put down a freebie house I already had, but never even furnished it. In contrast, when I moved, I was so excited and motivated by the new place that I built my own house. What a contrast, eh?

    Good luck finding somewhere to lay your virtual head :)

  2. Theres a couple of plots next to my store, if you wanna have a look. We could go halves in primmy but awesomely cute trees and shrubs. Or you can dump a skybox way above the store if you like and just pay me some rent... it'd help in traffic stats. lol. Then, if you have anymore fires, we could make ourselves a hangi.
    Up to you. *hugs

  3. Nana, you had me at hangi....

    If I ever saw you inworld we could discuss this. I see you less than most other friends and we're in the same timezone!

  4. I think there is still a plot or two open at Corona Cay. Specifically, plot 11. Photo here


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