Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The littlest hobo

Just as it is time to reconfigure my affection settings and lower my fondness slider, it is also time to move on down the track.

This little corner of Bluebonnet was my first ever personal bit of (solely rented) land and will always have a special place in my heart. [sniff]

Goodbye, little mudmound. You're flatter than when I arrived, but you gave me joy. Mostly. I choose to forget the grief you gave me with my first toe-dipping experiments into terraforming.

I kinda feel like David Banner in the final scene of each Incredible Hulk episode.

Although he didn't have a motorbike. And his flares were wider.

At least I have somewhere to lay my head until something else turns up. Just don't tell the landlady. Oh, and if you come by to check out the gallery, just excuse the tent, yeah?

Oh, and if you're looking for somewhere to live with some really great neighbours you could do a lot worse than IMing Alicia Chenaux and asking to look at Marnix's old place.


  1. OMG, was it my callous chicken comment?

  2. Hehe. No, Em. It was the triceratops on top of your chicken barn. It was just one giant reptile too many for me. Buckley would stand barking at it all night and would keep me awake.



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