Saturday, September 5, 2009

Time heals all wounds

I was told something yesterday that shocked me. It gave me a stark and bitter warning as to the potential effect our actions in SL can have on those around us and their RL.

I've hardly ever managed to affect someone's RL with my RL to the same degree so to hear that a particular course of events in my SL have had such repercussions is sobering.

There are many things said and done beyond those that I will mention on here mainly because they are not solely mine to share. Truths shared and reality bared, if you will. I will not betray that trust.

And yet I had to write this. I want this post to serve as a warning to you all. Please never forget that people sit behind those avatars. What we do and say impacts the lives of others.

I am almost ready to walk away from my SLife.

I know I should not feel guilty. But I do.


  1. I have no idea what happened to you, all I can say is my SL did effect my RL about a year ago in a not so nice way.
    Now; one year later I am glad I never gave up SL, because like you say; those are real people behind those avatars and they are my friends even though I never met them in RL, but I just could not walk away from them and this virtual life.
    So Marnix, don't give up:-)

  2. Might I also add to the "Don't leave SL!" chorus?


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