Wednesday, April 1, 2009

All Fools' Day

In my neck of the words, and that in which I grew up, it was kind of traditional on 1st April to prank people. At least until noon anyhow. If a joke was played after midday then suddenly the joker became the jokee and everyone would laugh at them and point and dance around in circles making songs up about them. But that's incidental.

Noticing my desk calendar flicked over to a new month this morning, that month was April, and I wasn't inworld last night so haven't got anything else to blog about, I set to wondering about SL and April Fools' hoaxes/pranks/jokes etc.

Does April Fools' Day exist in SL? And if so, what kind of stunts have people played in the past? And does it effectively last for about 23 hours due to global timezones or do practical jokers use the SL clock?

I am still a relative noob (although I did meet some people younger than me the other day and felt all mature and experienced!) so don't quite know what jokes would actually work, what is doable and how elaborate they could potentially be. But surely someone out there has some stories they can tell.


  1. Linden Labs to charge $1L teleport fees

  2. Hehe. Brilliant, Nika. That's a good one. Thank you.

  3. Marianne McCann, probably THE most well-known child avatar in SL, played a great April Fool's gag last year. She made a post in the official forums, stating that she was tired of fighting all the misconceptions about kid avvies, and so finally she was going to grow up in-world. She even posted a picture of a grown-up Marianne McCann, and gave quite a few people a O_o moment


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