Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Two of my favourite things

I love tigers. I even am one sometimes.

I also rather like brocade. I am known to wear the occasional item that would fit that description.

So when I read on a blog somewhere about a shop (re)opening that was called Brocade Tiger I was there in an instant.

Well OK, it wasn't an instant. I had to finish my work day first. Go to the gym. Go home. Have dinner. Turn on my laptop and fire up SL. But after all of that, I was there in an instant. For real.

25L for this. You can't go wrong, eh?

I even picked up a couple of pairs of jammies. Just need to find a PJ party to attend now...

The pic above was taken just outside the new house. Iss and a couple of her girly mates had been taking photos at her photo booth when I turned up. Stormy got out her chopper, Iss did the same with a chopper-trike so I dragged out my neat little scooter. I looked way the coolest, of course. Although I could not compare with Amelia and her giant two-seater old-person's mobility cart. She out-cooled the lot of us as we bezzed around the place, dodgy trees and each other.

Until Stormy rezzed an attack helicopter and began shooting up Lance & Amelia's castle. Iss decided the only way to take down an attack chopper was with bog rolls. Of course!


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Just to clarify it wasn't a giant mobility cart it was a golf cart :P

  3. Says you, Amelia. I don't believe you though. I saw it. Definite octaginarian stuff.

  4. hmm i will dig out the golf clubs and you will see


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