Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nice tat

The Princess returns. Oh, and she sent me the picture. I didn't take it before you all get up in arms and call me a perve and stuff.

It is a nice bum though, eh? ;)

In case anyone's interested, we're just hanging out, spending time together and stuff. It's all very innocent.

No, really.

Changing subject abruptly, can anyone tell me what this Japanese (?) symbol says? Answers on a postcard. The first correct answer of out the hat receives a signed tiger paw cast.


  1. I think it means love. It could be Chinese or Japanese (the Japanese do use some Chinese characters), and the fancy brushwork makes it slightly more difficult to recognise, but it looks close enough to the Chinese word 'ai' which is 'love'.


  2. I guess that'd make sense. Thank you, Q.


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