Monday, April 6, 2009

Yes sir, I can boogie, boogiewoogie

The evening started with good intentions. I was going to finally, finally, finally have a go at sorting through my hundreds of animations and stands and poses I've picked up over time to customise my AO. I like the Vista Animations one I have but I do need to customise it so that I don't look like I'm scratching my arse, from the inside, and so that I don't fold my arms through each other, and so that I don't look at my watch in a bored manner while having a conversation with someone. Sai inspired me to do it.

And I say, the evening started with good intentions. Chry then offered me a tp over to Ellie's and that seemed like a better option. Why stand alone in my room when I could go and hang with some people, eh? Plus I still had my tiger av on, and I always seem to get attention from the laydees when I'm wearing my fursuit ;)

After hanging there for a bit I decided to check out the Rfyre and Redgrave shops. I keep thinking I need new clothes or a new skin or something. It's easy to spend money around here, eh? But then I get there and nothing grabs me, or the lag grabs me, and I leave empty-handed. SL shopping is like RL for me in that way (apart from the lag) in that I have to be inspired and in a shopping mood. Otherwise it's a waste of time. And do I really need a new skin? I really don't know.

I'd just logged back in after crashing (again!) when I received another tp from Chry. This time her and a few of the Ellie's girls where heading on down to a jazz club called the Vault for some after work dancin'. I decided that sounded like a nice idea as I've not really been out dancing all that much in SL and I fancied trying it. I decided reverting back to my human shape would probably be best. (I tried dancing as a tiger once with someone and it ended up with me apparently sucking on her head.) We hung around the Vault for a bit and slowly one by one Chry's friends began to disappear as time caught up with them and bedtimes beckoned.

In the end there were four of us left - Chry, Jewellah, me and a bloke called Rigel who Chry's known for a while. It seems Rigel is a bit of a serial dancer and has a landmark list a mile long of places to dance. He offered to give us a tour and who were we to refuse?

First up was a glass globe floating in space. It was a beautiful place and all the more so once I began messing with some of Torley Linden's windlight presets I'd downloaded earlier. The effect I ended up with here in this location kinda reminded me of Disney's Beauty and the Beast for some reason.

Next up was some place I can't remember the name of. Another lovely outdoors spot though, with a glass dancefloor and a waterfall. Perfect for a bit of a waltz.

Next was the Winter Palace. I didn't get any pictures there though. And finally we ended up at the Love Cove or Love Grove or something. One of the best things about this place was that it has some really original dances we'd not seen elsewhere. It's definitely worth a try for something other than the normal stuff. That withstanding I do like slow dance v8. It is totally thigh-brushingly wonderful.

So, my conclusions on dancing about the place with friends? As Chry so nicely put it, "it provides a lovely screensaver for your conversations". I couldn't agree more. Especially when you and your dance partner have flowy clothes.


  1. Yay! At least a few people are not out hunting themselves to death.

    No offense intended towards hunts or the hunters, but there can be too much of a good thing. I am officially burned out. I'll be honest. I could never visit another clothing shop in SL and still have enough outfits to last me until they implant SL in my brain. :P

    True couples dancing is one of the most under-rated SL activities, imho. I wish people would spend as much time creating new dance balls as they do on the sex stuff. :P

  2. Sounds lovely! Do you have links to any of these places? :)

  3. Yeah, I think I have LMs in SL for most of these places, Bettye. I can send you them if you like. Just let me know which particularly.

    I tend to blog at work though (at lunchtime, of course!) so not near SL. Which is why I usually am bad and don't include SLurls. Naughty Marnix!

  4. Your evening sounds lovely. And yes, I would love to have the SLURLs too:)

  5. Ok, ladies, I found some landmarks for you:

    The first pic was at The Vault - Vintage Jazz Club. The second picture was taken at the Love Hemisphere Jazz Club, and the third pic was taken at Alix Timeless Rainforest. The final shot was taken at the Temple at Lovers' Cove.

    Public service completed :)


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