Friday, April 17, 2009

Just for Banana

I read an entirely apt quote in a news report about SL from 2006 the other day:
In Second Life, you can get everything you want on the first day. What's interesting is what you do the next day.
It is so true.

Maybe I have moved on to day two. What next?

What do I want from SL? I'm not a builder. At least not yet. Am I a shopper? Do I come to hang out with friends? Do I want to make new ones? Do I just want to explore? All of the above? Or none?

I'm kinda toying with photography in RL so maybe SL photography is the way to go. But for that I need some Photoshop skillz (and creativity!) that is somewhat lacking.

At the moment time in SL is limited for various RL reasons. (And I am trying to limit the time I spend on the SL blogs at work too, following an informal heads up about my bandwidth usage). As such potential SL time has to be shared between actual SL time, reading blogs, and writing posts myself. When I do get on I am mainly spending time with friends. This tends to be standing around chatting, rather than exploring.

I guess I can write about standing around chatting. But how many posts until that gets way old? I would wager it wouldn't be many.

I probably think I see my blog shaping up as a mix between random musings (when I can think of something to write about) and descriptions and pictures of exploration. But for that, or at least the second part, I need to explore some more. And for that I either go alone or persuade friends to explore too.

Or I stay up until stupid o'clock in the morning.

Which tends to put a strain on RL when it happens too often.


  1. TY ty TY ty


  2. Stupid o'clock...I like it.

    Of course stupid o'clock arrives at unpredictable moments for me, however being off work for the next solid week should allow me to experiment.

    As for what I do while in SL, it's pretty much the usual predictable list: shopping, freebie hunting, nature walks/hikes, fishing, Tiny Empires, and hanging out with a few friends. I would like to learn house building, as I am extremely dissatisfied with most prefabs that are available in my price range. Just for kicks, I'd love to build a glorious, detailed mansion and then give it away. ;)

    I am a photographer in RL, and I am pondering importing my RL photos into SL for sale..not really so much for income as just an experiment. I cannot afford Photoshop alas, so I use PaintShop Pro.

    A great number of SL bloggers seem to be questioning their use of SL. I'm quite comfortable with mine, no guilt over supposedly missing out on RL (although what's so fabulous about overtime, mortgages, the odd bloke shooting up a roomful of people is beyond me). I'm single, I have no children, so instead of hanging out at RL bars listening to cheesy pickup lines and even cheesier karaoke, I hang out in SL and meet interesting people such as yourself. ;)

  3. A week of SL - you'll be SL-ed out by the end of it.

    Btw, I can do cheesy too, don't you worry about that.

  4. @lysistrataszapira - Have you tried GIMP? Supposed to be as good as Photoshop, and free to boot :)

    Marnix - You could kill two birds with one stone and explore with friends! *grin*


  5. I haven't really tried exploring with friends yet, Q. But yes, I should do.

    Whenever friends are online I just seem to stand/sit around and chat, rather than explore.

    I do wonder whether exploring with friends might be better done on voice than typing. By the time you're registered something and typed it up to tell you're friend, they've wandered off.

  6. Yup, it's tricky unless your friend(s) stays with you and you walk together. That's usually how I explore with them. I agree it does happen often that we sit/stand around and chat, which always seemed a little sad to me somehow!



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