Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Couch potato

Every now and then I am reminded that I am an SL noob who has lots to learn. Sure, I have come a long way since those young and naive days back in February but I am still a relative toddler.

Today's lesson involves television. Television exists in SL. SL TV. Not watching RL TV in SL, but SL TV in SL. TV created within SL and shown within SL. Are you getting it yet?

It took a while for it to sink in with me. You really can buy televisions in SL and watch SL content - whether that be fashion (of course!), music, chat shows, travel (of a sort) or even sport. Sport!?! Football, sailing, motor racing, hockey, snail racing, ....

The world's your gastropod.

Just exactly when people find time to slob out in front a TV in SL is a mystery to me. And when people find time to make the shows is another mystery. These are things I need to investigate further, I reckon.

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