Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Of lamps and vases

I want to talk to you this morning about vases. And lamps.

A friend on plurk, Nika had posted pretty pictures about her new design, the lamps. I was really rather taken with them so made a mental note to check them out later.

And then, due to laziness, I asked Nika to send me an LM to her shop, Wines and Roses and she duly obliged.

I was unable to head on over right away so I sent the details over to Iss and asked her if she wanted to go check them out for me. She duly obliged (I seem to have a plethora of obliging women in my SLife!), arrived at the store and very quickly agreed with my assessment of needing a lamp for our new pad.

She didn't buy one there and then, but as luck would have it Nika had just installed a lucky chair. Which was on '?' while Iss was there. One free lucky vase coming up! Yay! It looks lovely in our hallway. Somewhere to drop the car keys when we wander through the door.

The next day I was at a loose end so I went and checked the shop out myself. And would you believe it, the lucky chair was on 'M'. Yay for twin vases!

And it broke my lucky chair cherry. I am no longer a lucky chair virgin.

I thought a stick a pic on here of the shop for you. Because it's nice. And Nika's stuff is rather lovely. Check it out, why don't ya.

A search on SL for 'Wines and Roses' yields this: "SL Photography artwork and decorative vases for your home" and lamps. Don't forget the lamps. I bought one for the bedside cabinet. Mebbe you can check it out when we have our house-warming open-house party thingy (landlady dependent!)


  1. Nika really does have some very nice stuff! She is very talented!

  2. Aww, thanks for the great post, Marnix! :)

  3. No worries, Nika. My pleasure.
    Thank you for making such attractive objet d'art :)


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