Thursday, April 30, 2009

Learning stuff

A friend, Lialynn, creates some lovely-looking photos. They kind of have a soft-focus sort of feel to them. She recently was very obliging and posted a tutorial on her blog giving step by step instructions in how to mimic her effect. So I've been trying it.

Oh yeah, and our neighbours have new roof furniture.


  1. Ooo Awesome picture :D!!! Nice to know all my effort didnt go to waste lol :D!

  2. Thank you :)
    Your efforts would definitely not wasted. I'm having loads of fun messing with effects.

  3. hehehe glad to see my weird choice in chairs isn't going unnoticed :)

  4. Well you did tell me about them at least five times, A ;)

  5. and in my defense i only mentioned it twice


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