Friday, April 17, 2009

Clever stuff

Whenever I do get a chance to wander aimlessly around SL I find that some places dazzle me. I just sit back and admire the programming skills of some people. The programming skills and the creativity. It amazes me. They amaze me.

Some places are nice. Stunning to look at. Amazing vistas. Some though are different too. I like different. Different and well done is the perfect combination. Like an overcooked ostrich steak.

I explored two places tonight that were just that.

The first was a little place a friend had sent me a landmark for. Basically it was just a little island with a hut you stand in with some controls. In front of you are a few houses and a caravan. You click the controls and a cloud forms, and then a tornado comes down from the cloud and hits ground. And then the tornado wanders around and rips up the houses and caravan flinging debris everywhere. And there's lighting and there's rain.

As I said - different. I'd love to know the thought process that went into the creation of that design. And how much of what was smoked. Genius.

Next up last night was a place called Fotoscope. It's a place that's been blogged a few times in the last few weeks, but never one to deny my sheep-like tendencies I went for a look around.

I didn't get to explore too much but I did have time to try one of the Freefall animations. The one I tried was a couple of minutes long I guess and is a series of psychedelic (if that's spelt wrong, sorry, but I can't be arsed to spell check it) backdrops and animations that you float, hover and generally pose around in front of. And then there was a road I kind of tip-toed along.

I'm not quite sure why. But that's what I loved about the Freefall, and what I love about SL in general. Don't ask why, just do. I like that trait in a designer. "It serves no purpose other than just to be, and perhaps to entertain. To challenge. To be experienced."

Ooh, and before I finish with Freefall, check out Elvis's face in those rocks I'm creeping through in the picture above. Seriously. Elvis is hiding up there. I'll give you a clue - bunch of rocks at the top left - Elvis is Vegas sunnies. You might need to click on the pic and see it enlarged.

There's still plenty more to explore of Fotoscope, I think. There is some more stuff down on the land. And lots of photobooth things as well. I started to check it all out a bit, but then I kinda got distracted.

Ooh, and I had five friends inworld at the same time last night. It's got to be a record for me. Sad innit?


  1. Did you wear the hud to get sucked up inside the tornado? That was mildly amusing.

    What was even more amusing was making the tornado chase this guy who was wandering around that particular area.

    I can't wait to see what you think about Omega Point.

    Btw, that long hair! *fans self* I must have it for my male alt. Where did you get it?

  2. No, Lysi, I didn't try the HUD. I should have done but I was trying to get a couple of quick photos taken while IMing with three lasses at the same time.

    Chasing a guy with it, now that's funny. I'd've paid to watch that.

    Still yet to explore Omega Point. It's top of the list though.

    The hair is from Sadistic Hacker. It's lovely ain't it? I couldn't decide if it was a lass's style rather than a bloke's but I tried the demo and it seemed to work for me. The rest, as they say, is history.

  3. The reason I am infatuated with that hair is a slightly convoluted one.

    If you're familiar with the Hugh Jackman movie, "Van Helsing," you might recall the vampire in said movie. For some really inexplicable (and disturbing) reason I found him very compelling, and part of it has to do with the hair. The actor played the character in a completely over the top manner, but I still found him exciting in a naughty sort of way. I give much of the credit to the hair.

    *wistful sigh*

  4. Oh, and before I forget, may I invite you to escort me (or vice versa) on a tour of Omega Point sometime next week? I still have quite a bit to explore.

    I'm even willing to meet you at stupid o'clock. ;) Or maybe even half past comatose.

  5. I know said movie, Lysi. I have a big of a thing for Kate Beckinsale in this genre of movie (see also: Underworld) so I've watched it once or twice.

    I would be privileged to escort you around Omega Point. You can show me the sights and sounds of what you've explored already and we can explore a bit of the rest together.


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