Friday, April 3, 2009

More of the same

And then some cheeky chick has the nerve to say that I'm smaller than she imagined before laying down next to me so that she's "not towering over me".

I feel like a disappointment ;)


  1. NEVER comment on a mans size. Never Ever.

  2. Especially not when he's got claws.

  3. Hello precious :-) I'm quite enjoying this blog, tysvm for sharing. I just KNEW you'd end up dragging me into this blog thinger, you watch, it'll all end in tears. BTW, you looked smashing tonight, you've not taken a backwards step, have you?
    je t'adore, newb

  4. Glad you are enjoying reading it, Chry :)
    And it was cool to hang out last night, even if I was monopolised by Jewellah following your crash ;)


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