Thursday, February 26, 2009

Baby steps

Firstly, thank you for the pointers, Banana and Laleeta. It’s nice to be noticed. It makes me feel all fuzzy inside :)
But, Laleeta, only "quite funny"? ;)

I made my first tentative steps into creation last night. I had previously dilemma-ed about how to extract my image from a snap for when I wanted to show off an outfit or a pose or something without the beauty of the background distracting from the task at hand. My Photoshop skills are adequate, I’d guess you’d say, but cutting round stuff has always been pretty much a mystery to me. I was monumentally proud of myself for managing to remove the background to make that banner you see above. Perhaps, overly proud. I take pride in small victories. And that was certainly a personal victory.

OK, so back to creation. I was watching a tutorial yesterday about making a big white background to keep in your pocket and pull out at a moment’s notice for those sorts of photo moments. (Thank you, Vint). It seemed like a good idea. It went quite well actually, for a first attempt, but then I came unstuck. I couldn’t figure out how to stick the two big white objects together to kind of make them one object. I am sure it is really simple, but I couldn’t figure it out. Maybe I needed to watch the tutorial all the way through or something. Or maybe I just need to have a moment to go through Natalia’s amazing list of tutorials. Wow, lass, that is sterling work.

Ooh, and a quick break from blogging for a quick look-through comes up trumps. Linking objects. Nice. (Thank you, Tymmerie, for pointing me in Natalia’s direction. I shall be attempting to resize hair later.)

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