Monday, February 23, 2009

In the beginning

In RL I'm a fan of all things CSI. I mean, come on, who isn't? A few weeks ago the episode was one that featured SL.

That looks interesting, I thought. It took me back to those text-based MUD days at uni. Hours spent chatting with faceless nanmes around the world in a text-based world doing text-based things. That's why SL interested me first up. Maybe a way to recapture something of those days, but no longer text-based. Let's go meet some people.

If there's one thing CSI:SL taught me it was not to wander round like a noob for too long. A quick visit to the library led to a change of clothes, and a trip to the appearance editor resulted in a trip to the gym, the hair stylist and the plastic surgeon all rolled into one. Only, as I later found out, I still looked like a noob. I hit the freebie shops and got what I thought were some decent clothes, some decent hair and even a colgate smile from somewhere. I was told I still looked like a noob. It was something to do with the size of my feet supposedly. "Big feet, big noob" the SL-saying goes. Or something. I wish I'd kept a snapshot of how I looked back then, when I was young and naive. About two weeks ago.

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