Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pushing the envelope

I should be doing some RL work right now, but my mind keeps wandering SL.

I keeping thinking back to when I was messing with the AO last night. I get you can set up which poses and things you use in place of which default animations. And I get you assign those to a particular AO using the contents and the notecard and stuff. And I think, as I understand it, you can load different notecards from within the AO HUD to deal with different moods and stuff. But how about setting up a 'dance' notecard that has your five favourite dance animations in place of the stand poses? Then when you load that (instead of your default one) and you stand still it will cycle smoothly through your funkiest dancefloor styles. Will that work?

Or am I barking up the wrong dancing pole?


  1. You can get a thing called a Chimera. You load your dances in that, and then wear it and your dances cycle through like your AO poses do. :)

  2. Cool. OK, Gabby, thank you. I shall see what I can find.

    Just so that I know, would my idea have worked?

  3. Yeps, youre idea would have worked.

    Great thing about a chimera is that others can click on it too and it'll animate their av. Wholla - impromtu part-ay!


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