Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Knowing and not knowing

It's kind of weird reading all these SL blogs. Through them you kind of get to know people a bit and a get a bit of a sense of what they're like. Even the fashion orientated ones still have a bit of their personality showing. (The SL version of a VPL? Visible Personality Line?)

However, most of these people I haven't actually met yet. So I don't know them really. And they definitely don't know me. But how do I meet these people other than hoping I'll bump into them by accident in the thousands of sims around the SLuniverse?

I mean, I could IM them and compliment them on their blog, and an IM exchange could follow but that's still not hanging out and chatting and getting to know them a bit. I basically need to know when people are in world. But you can only see who is online if they're your friend (in the readily-understood interweb sense). And it's a bit presumptuous to ask someone remotely to be your friend just on the strength of you reading their blog, isn't it?

I guess that's why when I see someone come online (who is listed as a friend) I make contact kinda quickly usually. Depending who they are of course. Like last night. Melissa (whose surname always makes me think she's Canadian) came online so I nipped on over to her house on Whimsy (yes, yes, I know I should include a SLurl really) hoping she'd be home. I wasn't disappointed. There she was and it was good to chat, however briefly given the RL a.m. hour my watch was showing. She liked my shirt too :)


  1. Fark it! IM away!

    (definetly dont send out friend requests, that pisses people off)

    I IM'd people if I like their profile pic, blog, creations, builds... lets face it, we all like a compliment!

  2. Feel free to IM me anytime and welcome to the blogosphere :D !

  3. IM Zoe Connolly as ask to be added to the SL Blogger group! The group is fun and has the occasional party where you can meet lots of us. My husband and I have hosted parties before and I am thinking of asking him if he is in the mood to host another. Plus, you get to wear the absolute coolest title (well, besides 'Mrs. Jerremy Darwin') - SL Blogger!

  4. You also might try , where quite a few sl people hang out during the workday as well as while inworld. Feel free to add me once you get there. :)


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