Saturday, February 28, 2009

A dedicated follower of fashion

Right, so I didn't work the whole way through my list. I did get some of it done though. Kind of.

I started messing with a few poses, as you can see here. And I managed to get my white background prim sorted into one unit from two (hey, it's a big deal for me. It's my first construction). I think this is definitely still my favourite outfit. And you can see it properly this time. I even decided I like the boots so much that I went back to get the black ones. I think they're from Renegade.

I am having trouble making these boots work with any other trousers other than these though. Which is a shame. How do I tuck my trousers in at the bottom?

I caught up with Banana tonight. She was most helpful dragging me round a few different shops trying to find me some eyes. I have to say that Adam n Eve - Men have a wonderful collection. We then disappeared off to a sandbox somewhere so I could switch between all of the eyes in my inventory (lots and lots of freebies from all over the place) and all of the skins in my inventory (lots and lots of freebies from all over the place). I don't think we really reached a conclusion on the eyes. The skin was another matter though. I think, in the end, we concluded that the one I was wearing was the best, especially given the free ones I'd collected made me look like Michael Jackson, an alien or a combination of the two, with a bit of lizard thrown in. I still think there's room for improvement, but Rayskin will do for now.

The whole skin thing started to get a bit surreal though when I opened one box of about 100 skins and started trying them on. As they rezzed into place we realised that they might actually all be women's skins. I'm not sure I can carry off blusher and lipstick. But I'll put it to a vote. Number 1, 2 or 3 for my new look? (A clue - number 1 is my old/current look!)

After Banana shot through I headed over to Starting Point where Tym and her hubby run a sort of rent free apartment block for noobs, offering a place to hang, to socialise and to get help from kind volunteers. I've filled in an application form. I think it's a great idea. There's a pool, a TV and loads of games too. What more could an avi want?

After chatting briefly there to an American lass giving her friend a guided tour of SL (I know 'cos I could hear them both talking and their ipod through voice) I started running through the shopping landmarks Chry and Knowledge had given me the other night at the Pond. I started at the bottom with Vista Animations. I was determined to finally get an AO sorted. I think I had reached up to about five free variants, all empty and needing loading. It was going to be easier to buy one pre-loaded wasn't it?

I was not disappointed. Lag apart, Vista was a pretty impressive place with preloaded AOs coming out of their ears and pose-sets enough to keep any model happy. Well, suffice it to say, I now can number another AO with the suffeit in my inventory. I just need to unpack it and install it now. I also bought a load of poses for good measure.

I continued wandering round and discovered that Vista, aswell as selling animation stuff, also had a menswear department, a womenswear department, a shoe department, an accessories department and even a skin and eyes department. They cater for everything it seems.

Well, some stuff was ok, some was not really me, but there were a few items that really caught my eye. I just couldn't resist. Like this aviator outfit. It's something a bit different, but just so sharp. It's definitely me. If you see me inworld in the next wee while, there's a fair chance I'll be wearing this.

I did get some other stuff too. I've just not had the chance to unpack it all and check it out. Yet.

I think my to-do list is now actually longer than before I jumped in-world tonight.

Oh, and I've not heard so much as an IM from my neko friend from yesterday. And she promised she'd call ...


  1. Psst! The boots are from Redgrave, not Renegade ;)

    Easiest way to check, especially if you've unpacked them into a folder and it has no landmark or anything, is to right-click the item (boot, in this case), look under the 'general' tab for the creator's name, then click the button to load their profile. Most content creators in SL will have their store in their picks, and they'll possibly mention something about it in their main 'about' profile section.

  2. oooo, I'm luvin the aviator outfit, nice buy!

  3. Mar - thank you for the heads up (and impressive encyclopedic fashion knowledge!) I had logged off SL by the time I was blogging so was having to guess, rather than check where the boots were from. But I will check in future. I wouldn't want to upset anyone. And they are cool boots. Very cool boots.

    Banana - Glad you like it. Slick, eh?


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