Friday, February 27, 2009

Cheers, Ears

I was determined last night to get some stuff sorted.
  • I was determined to work out which AO I was going to use
  • I was determined to go through the hundreds of poses I'd collected in the past few days to work out which ones were any good so I could do cool with my strut, stand and sit
  • I was determined to get myself a chimera to sort out some easy dancin' so I could cut a rug, show off my moves, and generally get on down
  • I was determined to sort out my hair issues (especially since I saw this dude pulling the same style as me - albeit not as well, of course)
  • I was determined to choose some eyes and definitely not the free Matrix ones I found somewhere (definitely a bit freaky unless you're a techno-goth-android sort of a person, I guess)
  • And some skin (that doesn't have light patches that make it look like I had sideys, got a tan, and then shaved the sideys off)
  • I was determined to finally go through some of the gear I'd picked up on my travels and devise a few sharp outfits to go with my styled hair, piercing eyes, radiant skin and smooth moves.
Not too big a deal you would have thought. and indeed it started ok.

I got a chimera easy enough from Owenimations (Ooh look, I included a slurl!); I visited Pffiou, Laleeta's pose store, in the quaint and quiet French street of Rue D'Antibes to see what she had available for blokes and ended up picking something up; I spent some time in Natalia's Sirena store leafing through her mountains of hair to find something I like (and settled on Kevin and Dominic) - as well as picking up a free Workspace Buster SkyPad so I wouldn't upset those of a sensitive nature when I got my bits out later getting nekkid doing the skin changes.

So far so good. I even had time to chat to a lass from Brazil in Rue D'Antibes talking about the places I had visited when I was there in RL the other year.

OK, so next up to find myself a sandbox and use the SkyPad to head on up to 300m and a bit of privacy. Tick. Still on track.

So here's me, 300m above a quiet sandbox, the rays beating down on my nekkid bod when I notice some movement over my shoulder. Camming round I see that some chick has parked a skypad not three metres from mine and is merrily dancing away totally oblivious to my presence. Three hundred metres up and she's only three metres away. What are the chances? Can a fella not get a bit of privacy?

I pull on my best underwear (I thought it only polite) and wander over for a chat with be elevated neighbour. And then I notice a tail. And ears. I was about to pop my neko cherry, if you will. I'd only ever chatted to 'humans' before.

After she got over the initial shock of someone coming up behind her while suspended almost a quarter of a mile above the earth we had quite a chat. And that's where all my good plans and ideas about the stuff I wanted to get done ended. It started ok. She said she'd help me and we started going through some of my eyes and some my animations and stuff, her giving me opinions on what worked and what didn't, but then that kind of went by the wayside. She was a very friendly little neko and the bottom line was that chatting to her was fun. We even got on to the whole "why a neko?" question, but her answer's between her and me really, I think.

So, in the end, of all the things on my to-do list, I maybe got one or one and a half done. But, the other stuff will keep. I'm in SL to meet people and make friends, so when a chance presents itself for a bit of a chat with an amiable sort of a lass (be she human, neko, furry or whatever) I'd be a bit daft to turn it down.

And the lesson I learned from yesterday - three fold:
  1. Learn to make a skybox so you can get privacy if you want it (although I wouldn't have met neko-chick yesterday if I had). 300m up on a SkyPad is just not private.
  2. Take more spontaneous pictures. This post would have been so much more amusing if I'd thought to take a shot of the moment I first noticed the oblivious dancing neko behind me.
  3. Ears can be cute


  1. Thanks for your purchase :D !
    Regarding the skin shopping I bought the one for my man alt at Damiani and I love it :)
    Anyway good luck with your list!

  2. Damiani. Got it.
    Something else to add to my list.

    I will be so happy when I have everything sorted and can just wander round a bit for a while.
    I guess I could do that now. I just wouldn't look as sharp as I'd want ;)


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