Thursday, February 26, 2009

The sexes

After reading quite a few of these blogs a bit, which are interestingly enough quite often written by lasses, I can firmly conclude that guys in SL give guys a bad name. You get the impression that in ninety-nine cases out of a hundred blokes are after just after a quick pixel-poke and will do and say anything to make that happen, often with as much bluntness as big flat rock and as much tact as a big rock too.

I do wonder whether the blogs overstate (SL)reality a little though, only taking the time to note the cyber-Michael Douglas’s out there, or whether the life of a female avatar really is to constantly reject the horny little shagmonkeys rubbing up against her legs, hoping that ignoring them and a bucket of cold water will quell their swollen libidos long enough for her to finish her conversation with her friends around her.

I also wonder what proportion of lasses in the SLuniverse fit into the same category, only looking for a quick flesh snuggle, and whether SL inhibitions differ to RL ones.

My hunch is that there are some nice SL-blokes out there just after a chat and making some new friends around the place, and that, much like RL, there are some girls out there seeking the bouncy bunk-up without so much as a “Can I buy you a drink?”. I am glad there are also the lasses I’ve discovered in the SL-blogosphere, more intelligent with something to say. I just wish they didn’t so often portray all SL-blokes as bad little animals with the sex drive (and house-training) to match.


  1. Grasshopper, it would be wise for you to accept the fact that most females in SL are males in RL. That will allow you to pursue romance in the virtual world with the necessary skepticism. :-P

    IDK where most women in SL meet men - I have met far more wonderful, witty, kind men in SL than any other types.

  2. Judicious thoughts, Tymmerie. It would indeed be prudent for me to accept all is not always what it seems. I guess the naive noob in me still believes SL books can be judged by their covers.

    Which is daft, because my avatar isn't the perfect representation of my RL self. I'm a smidge shorter and my eyes aren't turquoise.

  3. Marnix, you are continuing to crack me up with your wit.

    I'm with Tym that I've met more wonderful men in SL than bad, and in fact, talking ratios, better than I've met in RL. But then, I ignore the idjits in sl that IM and ask for a 'pixel-poke' (still laughing at that phrase).

    Stay innocent Marnix! Or not. Whatever pixels yer fancy. rofl

  4. "Lasses," "blokes," "daft" -- I love this blog!

    You have the accent. You have no worries. Women will love you. :)

  5. What can I say, Emerald? I was brought up in the north of England.

    You can take the bloke of out the north, but you can't take the north out of the bloke.

    It's a well-known saying in my neck of the woods.


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