Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kicked in the head

I spent a lot of time last night sorting out my clothes a bit, making some outfits, looking over some new purchases and that sort of thing. It takes quite a while doesn't it? I took a few snapshots of a couple of outfits I particularly like at the moment and will stick them up here when I get a chance.

After I'd finished that I decided to take a wander and see who was around. There weren't any people who've 'friended' me about so I headed on over to The Pond, where I'd chatted to a few people the other night. (I would include a Slurl but I don't have the ability here to do that at present.) The Pond is a kind of Aussie-themed sim and the other night there I met a few Aussies around there. One of whom, Knowledge something-or-other, took pity of me as a noob and gave me L$100 to go buy some clothes and a new shape. (It was Knowledge who told me my feet were too big.) How lovely is that, eh?

Well, over in The Pond, none of those I'd met the other day were around. No Knowledge, no Chryblnd, no Scarlett. So I wandered a bit further, along and into the outback bar and took a seat by the counter. Next thing I know some lass has walked up to me, and then she kicks me in the head. I go down, and stay down. And can't get up. She laughs and then says something about only her being able to 'debloke' me. I think her French-to-English translator broke at that point. She continues saying that she will debloke me but only under one condition - that I give her money. She laughs. What a cheap shot. She inflicts some pain on some poor unsuspecting bloke and then demands cash to fix it. I was not amused, I can tell you. If I could remember her name (it was close to 2am by that point and well past my RL bedtime!) I would name and shame her. But I can't, so I won't.

You'll be pleased to hear though, that I had the last laugh. I told her I was new to SL and had no money so she'd not be able to get anything from me. I think at this point she felt a bit guilty and said something about her probably having to debloke me then. Next thing I know, I'm upright and storming out of the door, trying to make a decisive exit.

The lesson I learned last night - don't allow avis you don't know to run scripts that take control of you! A lesson cheaply, but potentially expensively, learned.

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