Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I am mostly wearing...

So what's a noob about town learning the ways of SL wearing these days? Well, I am sure protocol dictates I point out where all this stuff comes from, but that would involve me remembering, which I don't. I'll try and keep a better record in future, I promise.

My current fave outfit is seen here. Grey trench coat, black tee, striped trousers and some amazing white shoes to finish it all off. Classy.

Next up is a morning-after-the-night-before tux affair. Open collar, loose bow tie and no jacket. Ah, it takes me back. It's not shown off here in all it's glory, but it does show the boots I wear with this suit. It was initially because the trousers are too short and don't reach my shoes and all manner of ankle-age is unattractive, but after that I actually grew to appreciate the apparent opposition and now rather like it. Yes, I can dress up. But I'm a bit of rough too. Kind of thing. Incidentally, this shot was taken just before I got booted in the head.

Third up is a tweed suit with roll-neck sweater and neck scarf. I'm not quite sure what it's appropriate dress for, but hey, that doesn't stop lasses shopping, eh?

Finally we have something a bit more caj (is that the proper way to abbreviate casual?). A pinky sweater over a white shirt, paired with some decent jeans. You can't see the jeans but I am wearing some. Here.

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