Monday, February 23, 2009

First impressions

The thing that blew me away initially about SL was the sheer scale of the thing, the SL-universe, as I hear it's called. It's just massive. Just area after area, island after island, sim after sim. And some people have got some amazing imaginations.

Maybe I'll settle down, get a little turnip to call my own one day, but for now I am happy to wander, to be a nomad and to mooch about, just exploring. There is so much to see.

I love the way people just let their imaginations run away with them in SL. And the skills they have to create worlds to match the magnitude of their imaginations. Their is some mighty fine design-work going on in their. And some mighty fine programming, I'm sure.

If you look at most avatar profiles you'll see something about being friendly. It is amazing though how it can seem like a lonely place sometimes. You wander round from place to place, attracted by the green dots on the map showing where people are (and staying clear of the huge great gatherings for fear of lag), but when you get there everyone knows everyone else and no-one has time for a stranger. Virtual cliques. Sure, it's not true of everyone, I've met some friendly folk around, but I think I was surprised that it takes time to make friends. I'm not really sure why I was naive enough to think that SL would be any different to RL in that respect. There are a couple of people I'll IM when I see them come online to say hi and chat a bit, but we're not quite at the stage of them IM-ing me when I come online. I guess I just need to put myself out there.

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  1. ROFL - oh to be a noob again.
    Those big collections of green dots that dont talk - mainly all bots. They're there to boost traffic on sims. I like going and trying to talk to them, if no-one replys it fun to push them round to they're all scattered. Gosh - I sound terrible. Small things, right?
    Welcome to blog world, welcome to SL. Given your sense of humour you'll pick up a huge list of friends in no time, tho give yourself a month to get used to things. (Check out the WTF website - for what NOT to wear)


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