Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bad hair day

During the whole trying-on-new-outfits-and-sorting-out-my-inventory marathon last night I found a couple of hair set things I'd bought the other day. When I first arrived in SL I had big black pointy spikes. My second (and current) hair is something I picked up free somewhere along the way (or maybe bought with the L$100 from Knowledge) and is called Biker Hair. It's ok, but I don't know I'm a hundred percent happy with it. So I bought these other couple of styles the other night.

I tried them on and from the front, and the sides, they look ok. Good even. The problem is when you swing round to the back. My head was sticking out. Of both of them. I don't think I can wander round with a great big pink hole in my hair, looking as if I'd got chewing gum in my hair and my mum's had to cut it out or something. Bald patches on the back of your head are not a good look, I feel.

I tried to resize my head to see if I could make it fit within my hair, but I had to shrink it so small to make it fit that I ended up looking like I'd lost an argument with some Amazonian tribesmen. Back to the drawing board then.


  1. This is a link to a tutorial about how to adjust hair so it fits:

    **NOTE - Always make a backup copy of the hair first!**

    Natalia, the author of that blog, has some really great tutorials on every subject you can imagine. BTW, if you need a pose stand to use while you adjust your hair IM me and I will send one to you.


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