Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Get down

Yesterday, during the day, I came across the most wonderful newbie guide, with a special bit directed towards blokes even. Reading through it, after making a note of some key places for freebies, my attention was drawn to the section on AOs. I'd always wondered how some people maybe to have different walks in SL, either purposeful manly strides or cute, bottom-wiggling totters. Also I'd heard mythical talk of poses - different stands, sits, jumps and flys, overriding the default animation. It intrigued me.

So there I was, minding my own business, following SLforNowt's perfectly detailed instructions when a TP request came in. It contained just one word. "Party!"

Given my recent personal epiphany that making SL friends is not quite as easy as bumping into someone mid-sim I had no choice to abandon my AO experiments and head on over to someone called Galatea's place to join Chryblnd for a party.

I must say I was a little reluctant, mainly due to the serious lag I've experienced being in some SL clubs surrounded by a lot of people, but when I landed I was pleasantly surprised to find little lag (once Chry's clothes had arrived and filled in the scarf that gave her the appearance of an Ethiopan granny) as we boogied around on the terrace and Galatea was playing some banging 80s tunes. Good choice on the music, mate!

I know that I should get SLurls and pics of stuff like this to embellish the text - where I was, who was there, what it looked like sort of thing, but I didn't. It maybe doesn't help when my SL exists at home but I blog about it in RL at work the following morning, on a different laptop and everything. Maybe I need to be more organised and email stuff to work from home. Or something.

Oh, and to complete my happy evening, Chry complimented me on what I was wearing (the after-party tux effect) so there were big smiles all round.

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