Tuesday, March 17, 2009

There's tea in the pot

Come on in, grab a mug and a slice of carrot cake and join me by the fire. I have a story to tell you.

Once upon a time there was a bloke called, let’s say, for argument’s sake, Mornix. He was a traveller, a wander, and one day, after a long hard journey over many days and many mountains he arrived in a strange and foreign land. The land filled with the most wondrous places, the strangest sights and the most exotic people Mornix had ever seen.

Mornix spent hours wandering around the towns and cities and villages and countryside of this foreign land. He filled his senses with experiences and enjoyed talking to the people he met along the way. It was such a different place to his homeland and the people were so varied. He thought he could wander forever having his eyes opened to this strange new land, seeing and hearing new things each and every day.

But then one day, Mornix stumbled through the doors of a tavern, hoping to meet some interesting people inside to share talk of dragons and castles and goblins and mountains with. When his eyes adjusted to the light he was met with the shimmering image of a beautiful princess. She was working in the tavern it turned out. The credit crunch had hit her father’s kingdom hard and even the princess was expected to pay her own way.

Mornix sat in a corner, nursing a warm mead, trying to summon the courage to approach startling beauty who flitted around the room, lighting up every dark corner. Eventually the mead melted the nerves and Mornix spoke to the princess. And to his surprise, she spoke back. The tavern was empty by now so the princess sat with Mornix and they talked and laughed, and laughed and talked. Hours went by, them talking about everything and nothing, but eventually the time came for Mornix to leave. He said goodbye and left the princess. He was smiling and happy-hearted.

The next day Mornix returned to the tavern, hoping to again meet the beautiful princess. He arrived but found the place dark and empty. With the hopeful heart of an eternal optimist he summoned a carrier pigeon, wrote a message to the princess, telling her how he enjoyed their time together the previous evening and hoped to meet her again, and sent the pigeon off into the night skies. Mornix sat down and waited.

A short time later he was wakened from his daysdreams by the rustle of feathers. The pigeon had returned. And to his Mornix’s joy it was carrying a message for him from the princess. She was at the market in town, the message said, and if he wished, the princess would be happy for Mornix to meet her there. The message ended with some handy GPS coordinates.

As quick as a flash Mornix was on his feet. He hopped on over to the market as quick as his teleport...er feet would carry him and rushed up and down the rows of stalls searching for a glimpse of the princess he’d met the night before. Finally, after he’d almost given up hope, he spotted her. She was stood by a jewellery stall, the glow of her beauty overshadowing the gems before her, their glistening colours mere shadows in comparison to her radiant form.

With butterflies in his stomach the size of melons Mornix approached the princess and spoke. She turned and smiled a smile that would melt the heart of the strongest man. They wandered off to a cafe together and sat, the sunlight warming them as they talked the hours way.

Over the next few days and weeks Mornix and the princess saw each other regularly. They talked and laughed and explored and danced and sat. Hours seemed like mere seconds when they were together and the connection and attraction and tenderness between them grew. The princess was funny and intelligent, witty and charming and Mornix could think of nothing but spending time in her presence.

But then one day the princess said she had something to tell Mornix, something about her life back in her father’s kingdom. Mornix sat and listened while the princess talked. She was open and honest about her life back there, how it was before she arrived in this foreign land. Mornix deeply appreciated the openness the princess displayed, the trust she showed in him. It touched him.

In fact, in touched him so much that Mornix realised he had something to share with the princess in return. In the time they’d spent together he’d come to care for her and realised he had to tell her about his life back in his homeland, his life before he’d left to come travelling and exploring. He had to tell her before things developed to a stage that it’d be too late to tell her. Now it was his time to talk openly and honestly while the princess listened. And when he finished, she just sat there. She was silent for a while and then spoke, telling Mornix she appreciated his honesty but that things were different now.

Mornix knew he had done the right thing but it didn’t stop the hurt and disappointment both of them felt. They talked a little longer until it was time for Mornix to leave. He stood and walked away, this time his heart heavy and with no smile on his lips. He tried to convince himself he had done the right thing.

The next day Mornix and the princess met up. He tried to make conversation but she said she wasn’t chatty. The conversation was friendly enough, but strained. Mornix could understand why. The princess told Mornix that she had to return to her father’s kingdom for a couple of weeks and would be in touch on her return. They said their farewells, Mornix wishing the princess a safe and comfortable journey without incidents with giants and wolves, and parted.

Mornix knew that the trip home had arrived at an opportune time for the princess. And for him too for that matter. He knew he had a long-distance carrier pigeon that he could use to send messages to the princess but didn’t know if she would have instructed the castle guards to shoot his bird down. So Mornix sat, and he waited.


Oh, damn. The last page has been ripped out. How is this story going to end? Do all fairytales have happy endings?


  1. This is a common SL tale thats often told, I'm afraid. SL has so many princesses in many far away lands. Unfortunately, there is an equal amount of frogs, demons, furries, tinies, teens and slappers.

    There are many happy endings to be had. Just how happy, and how long is 'ever after', is questionable.

  2. I just think I'm a muppet, er Mornix is a muppet for getting my...hisself into this mess

    You know the situation, Nana. Muppet, right?

    I am glad that it all came to a head before it turned out the bloke was toad in bloke's clothing though. I have many mates who might not have been so conscientious

  3. There are not many long lasting SL relationships, to be honest. If you are looking for a long lasting relationship, SL probably isn't the place to do it. :( Try to enjoy the contacts you make, and when it is time to move on, remember what was good, and what you learned... I think that is all most people can expect from SL relationships.

  4. I think the bizarre thing is though, Gabby, that I wasn't looking for a relationship, long-lasting or otherwise. It all kind of took me by surprise and the connection just grew.

    But yeah, I appreciate the advice. Thank you.

  5. Awwwww *hugs you*

    I've been there, we've all been there, some of us several times.

    Every time I meet a new player I'm sure they walk away thinking I'm a psycho nutjob because I spend time lecturing on the dangers of SL love and how easily and quickly you can find yourself more invested that you thought and how it stings just as much as any other virtual or not.

    So far every person I've met has sworn they were to immune to such things, then about a month in if we've kept in contact and I hear a similar variation of this story.

    I know it's no comfort, but you aren't alone in this.

  6. I would say 'once bitten, twice shy' but that'd just be tempting fate.

    At least I know now. Just fun and friends from now on...

    Watch this space

  7. I just happened to stumble across your blog today during my lunch hour, Marnix. You are a fabulous writer, and what I had time to read, I enjoyed immensely. I'll be back later. ;)

    There is so much I could write about SLovestyles. I have experienced much of what everyone else has written about.

    I too am in "fun and friends" mode, but I'm finding that is not an easy path to take in partnership crazy SL. It seems I am oft doomed to meet men (verified by voice chat *wink*) who have just broken up with their "partners."

    For a brief idyllic period, we go dancing or shopping or exploring (with an occasional visit to the naughtier side of SL), and then I log into SL to get an IM.

    He: The ex and I got back together!

    Me: This would be the same ex you called a crazy, psycho, stalker bitch last week after she followed us through Alphamale & Blacklace?

    He: Er..um...well...uh...

    Naturally, crazy, psycho, stalker is now once again the SLove of his life and I dare not be seen in the same sim with him again for fear that I might be one of those saucy wenches who steals partners for kicks.

    He naturally proceeds to post on his profile that NOTHING will keep he and his SLove apart ever again (and usually throws in a mention or three of the dreaded D word--drama).

    SL partnerships seem to last about as long as a small bag of popcorn at the movie theater. I just cannot fathom the need for digital marriages, especially when some of the participating individuals are married in real life.

    Anyway, I seek out good conversation, companionship, and a little laughter in SL. Nothing more, nothing less. I often feel like the redheaded stepchild of the universe in SL, even when I'm wearing purple hair. ;)

  8. Hi Lysistrata

    Firstly can I say thank you for making time to stop by and leave such encouraging comments. I am so glad you are enjoying reading the detritus that spews forth from my keyboard.

    Secondly, there's a naughtier side to SL?!? /me gasps!

    Thirdly, with a mention of Alphamale you're sure to get my attention. I adore their stuff. Half of my wardrobe is filled with it. It quite honestly rocks. Ooh, and Blacklace has some lovely stuff too, if you're of the boobie persuasion.

    Fourthly, if our timezones ever coincide we should get a coffee and you can regale me with stories of your SLovelife. It sounds like a noob like me can learn a lot from a lady like you. Easy, tiger!

    Ooh, and fifthly, love the name. Hands up who's heard of Aristophanes?

    And sixthly, I should have used bullet points.

  9. Yes, well said everyone. SLovelives are very convoluted indeed, and not for the faint of heart.


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