Friday, August 14, 2009


I went shopping the other night. For skins. I decided I needed to check out new skins at least, for various reasons. I've had this current one forever. I'm reluctant to change it though. It so many ways it feels Marnix, y'know.

But anyhow, more of that another time. I didn't get as far as the skin section of the shop I was in because I arrived at the shoes section first.

And I found something I just had to have. These are my "Hey, I've got new boots" boots. Wow, eh?

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  1. I am up to this point in reading your blog. I don't know what your rl profession is, but I hope it is in writing have a way with words. I just had to stop reading to comment on this *looks at it again*'s just so cute and made me laugh. The boots are awesome too : )


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