Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's a small world after all

SL is a big place, right? There are loads and loads of possible places to go and things to do. And with a limited friends list the chance of TP-ing into a place and seeing a yellow dot on the map is pretty unlikely, right? (Yes, unless you're going somewhere specific for a party or something or have been TP-ed in by a friend or live close by friends and are heading home or something. OK)

I had thought that too. Until last night that is. Last night I TP-ed places alone, not once but twice, and both times saw a name I recognised on my radar and a little yellow dot on my mini-map?

I know!

The first time was when I was being a male guinea pig in Nuuna's photo studio (more about that later). I noticed that Asthe was on the map and shouted hi. The conversation then took a strange direction with talk of pink boxer shorts and kidnapped elephants in protective custody, but I won't go into that now. For your sanity.

The second time was just after I left Nuuna's and went over to LAP to check out some male poses Nuuna had. LAP, in case you didn't know, is close to a hair place called Tiny Bird (I think that's what it's called). And in there were Faerie and Dunan who I met last week in Mont St Michel with London and Quaintly. Again, I IMed to say hi. Well you would, wouldn't you?

By now this TP-ing and bumping into friends was getting a little freaky (but in a good way) so I did a few random TPs around LMs from the bottom of my inventory just to see if it worked again. It didn't.

All in all it was a varied evening really. The evening had begun with me accidentally ending up in a team for a quiz show. And it was accidental. Chry invited me over to where she was, a sort of tv studio for a rock quiz, and once I arrived I saw loads of people 'in the audience', a wolf quizmaster in a bloody labcoat, and two benches for the teams, which were empty at that stage.

I was just there to observe really and as the preliminary round began I realised that as a member of the audience got a question right they won the right to pick a spot on a team bench. One by one the spaces filled up until question 8. "Was (not was) sang about which big animal?" No-one answered. Seconds past and no-one answered still. Cautiously I typed "dinosaur" (as in "everyone walk the...") and was invited up to grab the final spot on team two. Oops.

As I said, it was accidental.

The outcome of the quiz, in case you're interested, was a whupping. My team, team two, were handed our asses on a plate. I blame the overly heavy weighting towards Aussie questions.

So yeah, after that came my modelling debut. Nuuna has done some awesome portraits of some lasses I know and I volunteered the other day to be a male guinea pig if she wanted to try out blokes for a change. The result is below. And as you can see I'm a swan! No more ugly ducking syndrome for me :)

The final part of the evening will come as a shock to a few of you that know me well. And again, this part of the evening was totally accidental. If you've ever hung around me before you may have heard the words "hunt" and "schmunt" echo from my lips in close proximity. I don't do hunts. I've mentioned that fact before on these very pages. Some friends often try to provoke me to hunt. But, for various reasons, I won't.

Or, at least, I should say "I haven't". Because last night, I am horrified to admit, I hunted.

While I was in LAP I noticed a sign on a wall about some pose hunt. And the upstairs in the store I noticed a poster with a corresponding logo. Ooh, a freebie, I thought. Let's have a look. But inside the freebie, as well as 4 free poses, was a landmark. To the next hunt site.

I am ashamed to admit I could not resist :(

The way I justify it to myself is that most hunts are girls clothes, with a tiny smidgin of male stuff. Poses are a bit more universal, on the whole. Yes, as excuses go, that is weak, I know.

Now I have the dilemma about whether I head back to the start or just continue from the point I reached last night. Maybe it depends on the quality of the stuff I pick up in the meantime. I'm in emotional turmoil.

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