Friday, August 28, 2009

Easy Rider

To be honest, I've not done much in the way of Midnight Mania before. Nothing's ever particularly grabbed me. And when it has and I've slapped the board I've usually got a message telling me not enough other people did the same.

But this week was different. This week I heard about a sparkly little chopper. I reckon all men need a chopper in their inventory. To be honest, I think most lasses need one too.

I arrived at the store in question (sorry, no slurl as I'm rubbish, and no store name because I'm forgetful - but they make sexy bikes f'sure) and saw the board was up to about 105/140, I think. By the time I left after having a quick squizz around it was up to 125 or so. Man, I was excited.

And my excitement was not misplaced. I logged on the following day to find this little beauty in my inventory.

For moments like these everyone needs some Steppenwolf. /me sings "Get your motor runnin',..."

The only issue with the bike is that I have to rez it off my mudmound. I don't have enough prims left. But that's not an issue so long as I clean up after myself, right?


  1. WOOOW nice bike you got there, I bought my Harley about a year ago, it's a monster LOL
    By the way, if you wanna go easy riding check out the sim Motorworld, maybe you know it.
    Drive safe!;-)

  2. I'd not heard about Motorworld. Thank you for that, Lionesse :)


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