Monday, August 10, 2009

Crying fowl

Is there any more distressing sight than to log in to SL and, while everything is rezzing around you, notice one of your chickens taking a flight towards the moon? It's one giant leap for avian-kind...

To infinity, and beyond! Or, right back to your Lost and Found folder. One of the two.


  1. Humm....*Thinking* That's the same night my new puppy ran away from home. You think they took off together?

  2. My chicken came back though, Lolita. If they did run off together I am not sure when the chicken left your puppy.

    Out there in the big cold and dark, scary world. All alone. It brings a tear to me eye just imagining it.

    I take it the wireframe searching did not yield any fruitful results then?


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