Tuesday, August 4, 2009

No-one thinks about the children...erm...chickens

The last few days have seen some changes in my SL. It's not something I'm going to talk about on here because it involves someone else and it wouldn't be fair on them. The bottom line though, is that I have moved again.

This time though, I wanted to do it differently. I wanted a little lump of mud to call my own.

And so, now it is done. I am renting a little spot on the corner of a sim big enough for me and los animales. Now I just have to decide what to do with it.

Obviously the first thing was to rez the coops and unpack my chickens. The poor things had been without food for what seemed like ages. I had to then figure out land groups and stuff in order to make the little buggers feed. No-one warned me about that sort of thing. I am sure I haven't gone about it the right way and that will of course lead to repercussions down the track. It probably makes sense to box them up and start all over again, you know. Bugger.

With the creatures comforted I now have to turn my attention to sourcing a place to rest my weary head. I've been given a few ideas of places to check out, prefab places, but I'll have a look around and see what I find.

I do have to learn to be careful though. One place I had in my inventory came with a 'garden'. Sounded interesting, I thought. So I rezzed it. Only it turned out bleedin' huge. So huge in fact that it covered the whole of my little mudmound. Including the chicken coops. The bad news was the collateral damage. Somehow Pinky was fired off somewhere and was returned to my inventory, and then promptly stabbed with sharp stuff and squished with heavy stuff. Poor unrevivable Pinky, the first casualty of landscaping. I do wish his legs and wings would stop waggling though. It freaks me out.

It's kinda weird having all these thoughts about houses and landscaping and terraforming and stuff. It's never been part of my SLife before. I need to learn a whole new vocabulary, I think.

Also, if I am going to get SL to pay for itself I think I need to start doing something more about looking into selling my art.

Oh, and most of my new neighbours on the sim are bloggers. Some of those people whose blogs I read when I first materialised in prim form. I feel like I'm looking over the fence at royalty. I hope they don't mind the riff-raff.

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