Saturday, August 29, 2009

Further Whimsy

After the previous day's explorations around Whimsy I decided to head back yesterday to try and find a couple of other bits we'd missed.

I had read a little while back about geysers on the neighbouring sim Whimcentricity and I knew I had to find them. Logging back in to find myself still on Whimsy seemed like the pefect opportunity.

And I arrived in perfect time, with one of geysers just about to blow.

Another part of Whimsy that I have been told about but never quite managed to find were the lava caves. Fortunately when I logged on yesterday Cheyenne was online so I bothered her and interrupted her conversation with friends to give me pointers as to their location. She was very obliging, as always. I even took heed of her advice and donned the protective boots and scuba gear provided.

There is a way in to those caves...

...but no way out!

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