Sunday, August 16, 2009

Skin trade

A few days ago, Quaintly came over to see my new abode and somehow it came up that she didn't like my skin. This kinda made me antsy. I'd had one skin for quite a while and was never totally 100% satisfied with it so getting a second corroborating opinion made my mind up. I was determined to check out new skins.

I've never really done the whole skin shopping thing before. I had some free ones when I first arrived, and then ended up with my current Adam and Eve one maybe by accident, or perhaps Banana had taken me there at some point, but I decided going back would be a good place to start - a kind of a brand familiarity thing, I guess. I went and grabbed every skin demo pack in the store practically. I TPed home and began trying them on.

Ploughing my way through six skins with four tones each with four or five facial hair arrangements each was taking a large chunk of time. I needed a second opinion. Given Quaintly had begun this whole sorry experience I decided she needed to be part of it. So I IM-ed her, but she was busy.

However she suggested I TP over anyhow to her garden and then bore both her and her friend with multiple slighty different skin configurations. So I did. And what would you know, her friend was only London Spengler, a participant in the buttpic thingy I set rolling a while back. Someone I've never met but admired from afar. London is the developer of the pretty awesome Pandora HUG and I do not have enough good things to say about it, especially since I got a free lesson from the creator!

Well, I'll be honest with you, the whole skin thing didn't go amazingly well. I think my problem began when I decided to ask two women to help me decide. London and Quaintly basically struggled to come to a consolidated viewpoint. One liked darker skin with ripped abs while the other liked lighter skin with a more toned look. Women, eh? Where did this leave me? They both vote for a smidgin of facial hair though so at least we had one thing they agreed on. And before you ask, I kept my pants on at all times! I'm just that sort of a gentleman.

London then had to leave so I was about to nip back to Adam and Eve to pick up the skin we all sort of finally agreed/compromised on when Quaintly suggested I head over to a skin place she favours. I can't remember the name right now, and heck, it doesn't matter, this isn't a fashion blog, but it had a two word name with the initials DC I think. Dernier Chi? Does that ring a bell.

Anyhow, enough of that, Quaintly will comment later and correct me, I'm sure. The bottom line however is that I found a skin. A skin I liked. And Quaintly liked. And more to the point, I liked. It's important enough that I liked it to mention it twice, I feel.

Have a look below. One the left, the old Marnix. On the right, the few and improved Marnix. Better dya think?

Next up Quaintly took me over to Aisuru's store. I don't know her personally but she's a really good friend of a few friends of mine so I was interested in seeing her place. She's recently released some new eyes that to be honest are the mutt's nuts. Quaintly was going over to buy some and they were some damn lovely I picked up a pair or two too.

The evening was not yet complete because a short while later Quaintly got a TP from London saying that she was with a couple of friends and could we come over. One electronic leap later and we found ourselves in the rather spectacular Mont St Michel.

And with London were Faerie and Dunan, two more buttpic laydees. They'd wanted to meet the infamous Marnix, supposedly. It's hard not to feel just a modicum of self-pride when something like that happens, y'know.

All in all it was a pretty damn awesome evening. I found a new skin. I got some new fantastic eyes. And I met people I'd never met before who'd joined with me in the posterior extravanganza. Does it get much better than that?


  1. The store is called Dernier Cri, hahahaha! I'm so glad you found a skin you really liked. I hate skin shopping, I'm always afraid I'll get buyer's remorse. Most of my skins are group gifts or dollarbies though. But I did once pay quite a lot for a skin that I now never wear :(


  2. I absolutely ROFL over "mutt's nuts" !!!
    and yes, a definite improvement - good for Quaintly ;)

  3. You know? I asked Quaintly why people seems to need to specify some things when talking about me, things like "I kept my pants on")... and then she explained you where talking about trying skins!

    What a slip! I am so glad I talked with Quaintly instead publishing a comment about it, what would had people thought about me? Well, probably nothing they don't think already.

    That is why things like "admired from distance" make me pretty uneasy, I am more the chatty/confy/silly kind *winks and sticks her tongue out at you*.

  4. So... Bums hanging out with Bums? Why wasnt I there? Is my bum not good enough? Does it not look good in a pair of jeans? Woe is meeeeee!

  5. Well now we've met, London, and I don't have to admire you from afar anymore. Plus it was the whole Pandora HUG thing I admired, rather than you personally :p (Two can play at that game!)

    Oh, and Nana, if I ever saw you inworld anymore I would invite you over to meet other Bums. But you're all Midd-ed up right now and seem pretty invisible. I never see you online.
    Or maybe you've just made it so that I don't see when you're online. I dunno.

  6. Ohh, now I am jealous of my own hud... and since I still have your permission stored, I think I will work hard at trying to make you hate it :-p

  7. It was lovely to meet you Marnix but you made me snort so loud when I read this ..."They'd wanted to meet the infamous Marnix, supposedly."... that I got coffee up my nose.

  8. That's just what I was told, Faerie.


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