Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Li'l doggy

Another 'investment' I picked up in BareRose the other day was this awesomely cute terrier av. So cute is this av that it caused my landlady to squeal. It really is that cute. He's got a little cap and suitcase and wiggly walk and everything. Aw, bless.

I thought it might be a nice idea to take him to meet the chickens, given they're on the same eye-level and all. When I first arrived in terrier form the hens all crowded round me trying to get a closer look. But then they got bored and moved towards the back of the coop. I am sure they were talking about me because they kept clucking away quietly to themselves intermittently glancing in my general direction.

I thought I might have more luck with another canine so I wandered outside of the coop to find the Buckley. He, it is clear to see, was fascinated, although I was sure that at many moment he'd decide I was a toy to pick up and throw around. I concluded into would be prudent to move along so went to visit a neighbour.

Once she'd finished squealing how cute the av was we agreed to see what happened when my mini terrier av partook of a danceball. Cue one long thin bug-like terrier. With some moves. Definitely less cute than before.

At this point I noticed a pole in the corner of the bar we were dancing in. This is where things got a bit silly. And more than a little freaky. It really was quite disturbing to see a pole-dancing terrier-bug. I think we'll both have nightmares and have agreed never to speak of the incident again.


  1. Awww how cute! That Terrier av is so adorable. *Smiles* Neat! The wonderful cool things we can do on SL. Hee Hee!

    Umm...the long legs look not so cute.
    :: Lolita ::

  2. The photo of me having a staring match with Buckley makes me laugh every time I see it.

  3. You sort of have two dogs! Hee hee
    And I'm JEALOUS! *Smiles*
    :: Lolita ::


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