Saturday, August 29, 2009

A magical mystery tour

Whimsy is one of my fave places in the SLuniverse. It's just so imaginative. It's building just for the love of it. And that really shows. The immense detail and care taken in everything is inspiring, it really is.

I've been over there a few times, as well as to the nearby Robot Sanitarium, but I always find myself drawn back, just to see what new goodies Chey & Xubi have cooked up.

The other night I took a friend there to explore. We fancied exploring a little, so I suggested Whimsy, she'd never been so over we hopped. After she'd put on her exploring boots and backpack of course. She is never one to caught unprepared. Oh and I apologise for the lack of decents photos. I was having issues that meant that pretty much anytime I took a shot I crashed. So I gave up.

I don't want to say too much about the place really as I don't want you to feel you no longer need to go there but I just want to give you enough of a flavour to entice you.

We started heading up hill towards the volcano . A real live working volcano that erupts and with a goddess that accepts sacrifices. The quickest way to get down from there was the zip line, of course.

Uphill from there, after a photo-related crash around about the sight-seeing binoculars, we came across a temple to the drinking bird that donimates the Whimsy landscape and down the hill from there there appeared to be an orca whale swimming in the air. I am sure it had a very good reason.

The highlight for me of any trip to Whimsy is always the train ride. If there was a prize awarded for the longest train ride in the SLuniverse the one on Whimsy would surely come close. But be sure to either take a deep breath or wear the scuba equipment provided as this is an amphibious train. Caves, mountains, dolphins, squid, lave beds, ... this train ride has them all. And much more besides.

A new addition I'd not come across before was the log flume ride. Down a lava river. Unfortunately it was closed. Like any good theme park there are always rides closed to entice you to return.

If you do follow my advice and head on over to Whimsy, please be careful when yodeling. The signs about falling rocks are not just for show.

The evening ended with us dancing through wild flower fields. Round Alicia's backpack, of course.

All in all it was a particularly fine evening. Exploring is so much more fun when you don't do it alone.

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