Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wrong directions

A little while ago I bought a chair in a furniture store. I also bought a water wall. But it's the chair that was particularly lovely. Last weekend, when furnishing the new abode, I decided I'd head back to said store to try and pick up some equally lovely stuff. I didn't have an LM so I had to be a bit more devious, I thought, and looked up the creator of the chair and searched her profile for a pick.

And what would you know, I had success. One TP over and I had arrived. Only it wasn't quite as successful as I'd hoped. The furniture store was not quite how I remembered it. In fact there was no furniture for sale at all anywhere.

There definitely wasn't a moonscape last time I was there. The giant floaty robot creatures were new too, I think. And the gaseous atmosphere had replaced kitchen and dining department.

Is it a sign you've been in SL a while when shops you go back to no longer exist?

This story does have a happy ending however, you'll be pleased to hear. I'll come to that though as first there's a doh! moment. Reinvestigation of the creator lady's pick revealed some text about the shop closing. Maybe I should have read that before I TPed, eh? That'll teach me.

The doh! moment also lead to the good news though, so it's not all bad. The pick also mentioned a new outlet store in place of the original full sim store. It's not quite the same but it still has lovely sofas and a really cute little bed. Maybe when I'm feeling a bit richer I'll venture back.


  1. That's the new way I've been searching on SL. Clicking the creator of a item that I find that I like. I'm so happy when I find they have the store in their picks.

    The discovery of the moonscape looks neat!
    :: Lolita ::

  2. Could be worse..

    I tp'd to a LM I'd had from my early days in SL, a peaceful nature park...

    Only to find myself in a full-blown Gor sim. O_o When I saw someone coming out of the "fortress" to welcome me, I hauled pixel arse back to my house. I don't think "warrior queen" is one of the limited identities available to female Goreans. Pity..

  3. I think the photo makes the new moonscape place look a little more attractive that it is, Lolita. It actuality it looks rather bland. The joy of windlight and photoshop, eh?

    Oh, and Lysi, maybe you should establish your own warrior queen sim and reverse the Gor norms. Or something.

  4. Ah! Hence the word "Looks" neat. *Smiles*
    :: Lolita ::

  5. What store is that? I'm always looking out for furniture...

    It's a pity that stores have to close :(



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