Sunday, August 2, 2009


Just a short post to wish my friend Tymmerie and her husband Jerremy congratulations on their one year anniversary. As many people commented at the party on Friday (it was Friday for me but Thursday for most everyone else - hokay?) a year in SLife is like twenty five years in RLife. So really they're pretty much an old married couple. Congrats, guys, I was so glad I could celebrate with you, and the old school dance in the gym theme was just tremendously executed.

One thing I loved about the party, other than the happy vibes and the DJ playing my request that is, was getting to meet some people I'd not met before. People I'd plurked with but never met in SL, I mean. When I first arrived in SL and decided a good way to meet people was through commenting on blogs, way before I started mooching around on here, I thought people who blogged about SLife must be like all celebrities and stuff and I stuck them all on a pedestal and spoke their names in hushed tones. If I was a girl it would definitely be fangirl territory. But I'm not, so it's not. Clearly.

But then, as I have over time met a few of them, one by one, I've discovered that they're maybe just nice people too who are fun to hang around with and do actually speak to the ordinary folk after all. At the party I met a couple of this sort of people for the first time and to be honest, they were all pretty darn lovely. It makes me glad to have a second life :)

Oh, and if anyone reading this is new to SL and putting me on a pedestal and whispering my name in hushed tones - please don't. I'm just a bloke, an ordinary bloke, who happens to write some stuff. If you want to say hi and meet for a virtual coffee sometime, just hit me up. I'm friendly and pretty darn lovely too.

Oh, but once, just once, I'd love to walk into a room and have someone I've never met before shout "OMG, it's the buttpic guy!" Is that too much to ask for?


  1. Hey we were saying that at the party!

  2. Yeah, but I kinda meant people I don't know, Iss. Coming from people I do know kinda dilutes the effect somewhat.

  3. *rolls her eyes and pokes her tongue out*


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