Friday, March 27, 2009

Hunt my arse

Y'see, this is why I can't get into the whole hunt thing that seems to drive the rest of the SLuniverse mental with excitement.

I'm just not sure it's my colour.


  1. *giggles*

    Oh, I dunno. The red really, um... kind of... er... goes with your um... skintone? I think? ;)

  2. OML. I would have choked on my lunch had I been eating lunch. ;)

    I'm really surprised that some keen entrepreneur out there hasn't seen the potential of a male-oriented hunt. Grid-wide hunts are useful in that one can be introduced to new stores, and God knows guys don't have a lot of options when it comes to clothes.

    Now the hunts can pay dividends if you need furniture. I've gotten some pretty spectacular many I'll probably never use them all. I'd say a grid-wide hunt restricted to furniture would also be a good advertising tool.

    That dress does coordinate well with your hair and tat. :P

  3. With better breasts, that dress would be a fashion 'do', Marnix.

    OMG - A male hunt is a BRILLIANT idea. I always feel bad that guys don't get to have the fun we do with hunts. And even when there are male prizes in hunts they are NO TRANSFER! What a waste.

    I could see a male hunt structured like a hunt I did on a Japanese sim recently - we had to kill demons by throwing beans (?) at them when we found them in shops. When we killed them, we got the prize.

  4. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the dress is not a lovely little strappy number. I am sure, as Tym points out, that under...or over... different 'circumstances' it would be perfect for a summer evening cocktail party. I might need to shave my legs though.

    But yeah, a male hunt might just work. I might be persuaded to join in with that. Just for research reasons, of course.

    Oh yeah, and this hunt item wasn't found by me participating in a hunt, btw. I won't hear it said that I was actively hunting, y'hear! It was just lying around in Crimson Shadow.

  5. On a more serious note (if that's at all possible with that picture looking at me *g*) there was a very successful hunt for guys last year: the Hammer Hunt. And, Marnix, you might want to keep an eye on the Free Finds For Men blog, because blogger Eliza Wrigglesworth is planning a hunt just for the guys. See this post:

  6. Hey Mar. Yeah, I look at what Eliza does every now and then. I didn't realise there was manhunt, so to speak, last year. Thanks for that. It's good to know.

  7. Just wait til 'ME' gets a hold of your post... ( )

    All gloves are off!

  8. I would hope ME would realise that the intent of the post was not to extol the virtues of the dress

  9. One of the problems, I think, is that most men don't really care much for hunts...some do, but most of the men I have met do not.


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