Thursday, March 12, 2009

And another thing...

...hunts, right. What are they all about? It may be something that comes with time, but I just don't get it.

Sure, I like the idea of getting free stuff. Don't we all? But then all I read about is days following the completion of the hunt having to spend time opening boxes before cleaning up your inventory and deleting the crap you've spent hours collecting that you don't like.

And then everyone else the whole wide SLuniverse is doing the same hunt, collecting the same free stuff, chucking away the same crap and keeping the same good stuff. Sure we all have different tastes, but we can all tell wheat from chaff can't we?

Maybe though, it's about the chasing, rather than the catching. And the social aspect. Banana has spent many patient hours (ok, minutes) extolling the virtues of hunts and the fun she has doing them, helping others, meeting folk. I do applaud her patience and dedication to the cause of hunt evangelism. But I have to stand up and confess - my name's Marnix and I'm a hunting atheist.


  1. I still believe in hunts! Altough they will burn out in a few months.
    Hunts used to be fun, when there weren't 7000 stores participating in 1 hunt. I like looking for the gift, it's a challenge & its fun. Big hunts also bring you to different places, places you didn't know yet. And after the hunt I go through all the gifts & keep what I realy like. Unlike lots of people I don't socialize during hunts, but then again, I rarely socialize LOL

  2. I can see the attraction of hunts taking you to places you didn't know exist. I really can.

    But aren't there ways to do that that don't mean tp-ing in to a shop, camming around, picking up a box, and then tp-ing out? Ways that mean actually looking at the new places you visit perhaps?

    I read about a place yesterday called Destination Station. I haven't checked it out yet but it sounds like a great big wall of places that have been collated because they're cool to visit. That sounds to me like a great place.

  3. I know that I do hunts for the camaraderie and the challenge. I keep maybe one prize - and only something that no one will recognize as a freebie (I'm a snob that way). Hunts are just another activity I find fun - like playing Primtionary or building or dancing.

    There was a hunt in a Japanse sim a while ago where you got a basket of beans and when you saw a "demon" in the shops you would throw the beans at it. If you hit it you got a point. When you had all of the points, you won a shirt in several colors. But the real fun of that was hunting for demons and trying to hit the targets.

  4. I love a good hunt, but I've gotten bored with them lately. I don't know if the novelty has worn off of them for me, or having to sort for the things worth keeping. I'll still do them, but maybe not every single hunt that pops up with every holiday, lol.

  5. In RL I tend to avoid stuff that is over-hyped - like movies, or books epsecially. I hate being a sheep.

    Maybe that's what it is with hunts too. Everyone's doing them, so automatically it means Marnix won't be.


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