Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dress to impress

I've found a whole plethora of SL fashion blogs for lasses. Some of them are a good read (as well as having pics of pretty girls!) so I persevere with them. It keeps RL at bay too. But, being a bloke, I'm not likely to ever need a ruby cocktail dress, stilettos and a heap of silky locks. Not for every day use, at least.

But I care about my image. I like to think I've got a certain style about me. I like to look good. Even if there's no-one I know on the grid and no-one of my (very) small list of friends are inworld, I like to look my best. You never know who you'll find on the next tp-bounce. And being a noob still (one month rezday celebration next week!) I need advice. Sure, I could search for "men's clothing" but I'm sure there's a hell of a lot of chaff among with the limited kernels of wheat. What I need is someone who's been around a little, who knows style and wants to share it. The men's equivalent of the lasses' fashion blogs.

I'd come across a few blog-hopping but I do have to give a quick nod of the head now in thanks and acknowledgement to Mar at SL for nowt (is that a good Yorkshire accent I hear there?) who presented me with a nice list of fashion blogs for blokes.

I think, like anything, there are ones that don't work for you, where the styles being presented just aren't your thing, but there are also the ones that click for you right away, where everything you see is something you could see yourself wearing. One like that for me, and especially the smarter stuff shown there, was Karr Fall's A Male Perspective. It's just frustrating that it's not been updated since October! Aargh! Close but no cigar!


  1. Hey Marnix,

    You might already know this but just in case, there are a few "freebie" blogs that feature men's fashions.

    and my favorite male fashion blogger because of both style and wit has got to be Winter Jefferson at

    Have fun. Don't worry, your feed reader can handle a few more.

  2. Awesome, thank you, CeN.
    I think I have one of those already, but not the others.
    I will have shortly though.

    At this rate I will spend my life reading blogs and leave no time for actual SLiving.

  3. *grins*
    Soon you'll be an "oldbie" like us, read blogs at work so you can spend your off time in SL.

  4. RSS feeds straight into my Outlook inbox make reading at work easy. It's just not so good when people see me reading posts on new lingerie or skins over my shoulder ;)


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