Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Norty neighbours

Oh yeah, forgot to mention in that last post about my neighbours. The place I'm currently living has other sims around it. And due to timezone issues there never seems to be anyone in the adjoining apartments to say hello to. But whenever I log on, a house on a neighbouring sim always seemed to have a green dot in it.

Eventually curiosity got the better of me and (after changing into the outfit of the day, natch) I flew over to have a look. It's a lovely beach house with pier stretching into the sea over breaking waves. And as I got closer I realised that it was not one green dot, but two. And the house had windows, so it's not really invasion of privacy is it? Hehe.

Well, two green dots that look like one green dot. You all know what I'm saying. But listen, let me be clear on this, I didn't hang around watching or anything. Or taking photos.

But the next time I logged in, there again, one green dot that was actually two. And the next time. And the next and the next. In fact pretty much everytime I log in there they are, making the beast of two green dots.

It's kind of become a bit of a fascination for me. I just can't resist going to check. Are they still at it?!?

So, the reason I mention it is because last night I logged on, and just before Banana IM-ed me I noticed not two green dots, but four. Ah, I thought, they've got friends around for drinkees. But no. Kinky, not drinkees. The usual couple had another very willing (and slightly preganant) participant while a bloke in a white suit stood, fully dressed. Watching.

I'm not 100% sure why I needed to tell you all this. I just felt I needed to share it. As part of my SL development. And therapy ;)

I was thinking that this blogpost needed a pic to complete it. But some of you might have a sensitive disposition. Or could be reading at work. So I resisted.


  1. Great story, Marnix. Reminds me of something that happened when I was new:


  2. I think we've all been there, Chey. Apart from the Lolita thing. That's a new one on me. So far I've managed to avoid child avs somehow. Nekkid or otherwise.

    It's just too easy to snoop in SL though isn't it? Even by accident.

    I took a great quick photo last night, camming back through the window to where I am floating in the sky looking in. I might have to blur the foreground image before posting it though :/

  3. Marnix! /me shakes a finger. Be nice to the neighbors!

  4. Don't worry, Tym. They never knew I was there.
    They were definitely preoccupied.

    But yes, ma'am. I'll be good.

    /me feels like a naughty schoolboy.

  5. Second Life: Where Stamina's Just Not An Issue.

  6. If you make a habit out of watching the neighbors, don't be surprised if you get an invitation to join. ;)

  7. They wouldn't have known I was there, Lysi.

    And between the four of them they had more that enough body parts to go around. Adding more to the mix would just get confusing.

    I haven't seen any poseball sets for...ahem... larger groups but knowing SL I am sure they exist.

  8. Depending on how close to their property you got, they might very well have known you were there.

    I have a security system that tells me when someone is on my property. It will notify me even if I am out shopping and nowhere near my house. It will also notify when I'm engaged in "norty" behavior.

    Never think you've gone unnoticed when wandering about. ;)


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