Monday, March 2, 2009

Tick some more off the list

I somehow ended up with a bit of peace and quiet tonight. I was going to do a bit of exploring but then I remembered my messy inventory and over-sized to-do list. So I rezzed a platform 300m above a sandbox (no neko this time) and set about ticking some stuff off.

I am very pleased to announced I can now tick off my skin and shape. I think I am happy with what I have come up with. I am seeking feedback, however.

I presume everyone else (or at least most people) spent as much time as this sorting out their appearance during their first however long in SL. I presume everyone else had an inventory full of eyes and shapes and skins and stuff that they had to go through to get the perfect nekkidness even before clothing their new bods. It's not just me is it? Also does it ever end? Or does the whole thing just go round and round and round? I can understand that clothing, and to some degree hair, is a continual process, but skin and shape?

Speaking of hair, I've followed Natalia's most excellent hair resizing tutorial earlier and managed to make my new hair fit my headsize. I am sure it's not quite as exciting news as it felt at the time, but I was rather proud of myself.

Both these styles are from Sirena and I especially like the one on the left. Can't remember if that's Dominic or Kevin. The other one's the other one. There'll be a time and a place for that one too, I reckon.

I feel a major sense of relief to have got these things sorted. I feel one step closer to actually being able to explore again. It's kinda weird that I feel I had to get all this stuff dealt with before I could comfortably be seen out in public. Very weird actually.

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  1. It's not weird, actually. I remember feeling that way too, and even now, I don't go out without feeling properly dressed. For my mood that day anyway. I always log in, and change my clothes to suit my mood, then I commence with my SL. :)


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