Sunday, March 22, 2009


A little while ago I read on one of the many blogs I follow (and I can't remember which - sorry if it was you!) about an amazing place. It's called Destination Station. As the owners describe it - "It's like an Infohub except it has COOL places to go and explore". And they're exactly right. 100 or so places, all gathered together, filtered by others for our benefit. Just click on a pic and TP. And they've all got notecards for background too. Can you think of anything cooler?

I've resolved to explore them all. And post a blog about every single one. Bear with me it might take a while.

Well, I can tick one off. Last last week I headed on over to Dinosaurs Park. It's a pretty nice-looking place and seems very modelled on Jurassic Park, but that's not a bad thing. The only thing I would say is wait until it's finished if you're keen on a visit. The major part of the park is still under construction. It's a shame the owner spent time constructing the cafe and giftshop before working on the main attraction.

On the plus side, there's a rather nice little gadget where you can buy a dino av. I wasn't sure I wanted to buy one but they have catered for the less decisive too, with the ability to rent the av. Quick as a flash I click and bought the two-day rental, and a few seconds later was striding round in a raptor outfit. I even took a trip up to the observation tour.

Imagine the universal surprise, though, when I entered a burlesque club wearing it.


  1. One has not truly lived in SL until they've ventured into clubs wearing the most ridiculous avi in one's inventory.

    And I mean clubs that are NOT holding a costume contest that relates to one's ensemble. ;)

    Of course my perennial fear with switching out avis like hairstyles is that I'll be unable to locate my "usual" avi items when I go back to my "normal" look.

    I forgot to ask you last night if you've visited the Titanic. That should be on your to-do list...even if just to marvel at the amount of time that went into the construction.

    And here's a little taste of last year's Burning Life. This is actually quite a good video tour of it. I visited many of these installations.

  2. Nope, not visited the Titanic. Will add it to my to-do list.

    Thanks for searching out the Burning Life link for me. I'll check it later.

  3. Hmm - I didnt think much of the Titanic. There is another ship replica out there which *is* really awesome, but I dont know its name. How helpful am I. lol

  4. Helpful in some ways, Nana, but maybe guiding me to awesome ship replicas isn't one of them

  5. Hi, Marnix!

    It may have been on my blog that you read about Destination Station- although New World Notes also posted a nice blurb about it. :)

    I've been meaning to comment on here and welcome you, both to Sl and to the blogosphere. I can't tell you how much fun its been to read about the first experiences of SL through the eyes of a 'newbie'. You are an excellent writer, and I enjoy following your blog very much. You are a valuable addition to the community. :)

    I'm so glad you're exploring Destination Station, also! Its such a great place.. and when you have some time, feel free to explore all of Corona Cay, as well. We're a friendly bunch, over there. I have a cool cave that I share with Keeme Brown on the other side of the island. Feel free to explore that, as well. We have a lot of fun events on Corona Cay and many of us hang out around the Destination Station on Saturday nights. Maybe we'll see you around.

    Nika Dreamscape

  6. Oh! And I almost forgot to mention, regarding this post about Dinosaur Park. I had such a funny experience there, the first time I went.

    Keeme and I found it via destination station, as well. We had never been there before and were walking around, talking to each other on voice chat. We got seperated and he was inside one of the round buildings. I was standing outside with my back to the huge electric fence enclosure, and trying to figure out where he had gone. I kept hearing a loud buzzing sound behind me, so I finally turned around to see what was going on. All of a sudden my entire computer screen was filled with a huge Trex mouth that was opening and roaring at me. Scared the HELL out of me so bad, I screamed really loud on voice. The person wearing the Trex avatar was probably laughing his ass off, LOL.

  7. Hey Nika

    It may well have been your blog that first alerted me to Destination Station, yep. I've certainly read about it on there. I just can't remember who was the first to bring it to my attention.

    Thank you so much for the encouraging words. It's always nice to read smiley stuff directed at me :)

    I will make time to explore Corona Cay, yep. It's just easy to forget the rest of the sim sometimes when Destination Station is there with everything it offers.

    In terms of Saturday nights, timezone issues seem to sadly preclude me from meeting many others in the blogging community but our paths may indeed one day cross in SL...

  8. Hehe. That Dino story is brilliant, Nika.


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