Monday, March 2, 2009

It's the Arts, luvvee

I was chatting to someone the other day and somehow we got on to talking about live gigs in SL. I had heard rumours of such things but haven't seen one with my own eyes (or heard one with my own ears) so was interested in knowing more. I was kinda intrigued about how it would all work. My presumption was that it would be done through voice although my second guess would have been some sort of series of animations with a music track (recorded live?) over the top. The lass filling me in, however, informed me that it's usually done with live streaming. Now that's pretty clever, eh? I should get me along to one of them there gigs sometime, I reckon.

From gigs the conversation turned to other events, such as poetry readings and drama. Like the arts, and everything. Thinking about it, I could probably find art exhibitions and sculpture installations somewhere around here too.

This last couple of weeks has continued to blow my mind with revelations such as this. I really did not comprehend, as Marnix was born, what a diverse and cultured place this metaverse of ours would turn out to be.

I had expected a bit of escapism, I guess, and to some degree that is what you get. But you also get this rich, vibrant community if you look for it. A community filled with designers and artists and musicians and poets bringing their RL talents to a new audience, an SL audience, and enriching our lives with their work. I hadn't expected to find this.

I guess that's the beauty of having a resident-designed world. We are not constrained by the imagination of the programmers of that world. We are freed by the ocean-deep imagination of those who inhabit it.

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