Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm a big boy now

I think (but I could be wrong and I can't check just at the moment) that I'm a month old today. As much as these hollow and inconsequential temporal counting blocks have any relevance at all, it feels like a big deal to me and is well worth flagging.

Think of all the people I've now met that I had no idea existed a month ago. All the places I've been, the sunsets I've watched, the times I've lagged and crashed.

And all the blogposts I've read. I guess there is something innately voyeuristic about all of us that we like to read blogs (especially if they have something interesting to say, are entertaining, are a bit spicy or just contain gratuitous lingerie pics!) I don't know what it says about us that we like to write them. What is it about us that we like to invite people into our thoughts and minds and ideas? Maybe we just are all so insecure that we want to feel people want to be invited into our thoughts and minds and ideas? I don't know.

Some SL blogs have a reason, a purpose - fashion tips, freebies, interesting places to visit and things to see. Others (and I class my own among them) just ramble a bit and touch on some other stuff sometimes. I think there's a place for all of them. And personally, I like writing, even if no-one reads. It gives me a place to tell people what I'm thinking and how I'm feeling even if no-one's listening. Kind of a cyber-therapist. A virtual speakers' corner.

Who else could I share this crap with if not you?


  1. For me, blogging boils down to my love of writing and my desperate need for validation. :-P My blog is different from a lot of them in that I do not write about my thoughts - I write about topics. I enjoy thinking up topics, setting up pictures for them, and challenging myself to look at things with a fresh perspective (slightly jaded, slightly racy, slightly wide-eyed innocent).

    Blogging adds to my experience in SL - I think of it as my job (and it has actually led to paying writing jobs in SL).

    I think a good SL blog exposes us to the richness of the virtual world...but also reminds us that, for cripes sake, we are supposed to be having fun in there.

  2. Thank you for that, Tym. I appreciate you sharing you perspective and justification.

    And yes, fun. It is a point I've learned already that we need to remember.

  3. Happy one month rezday! (Although you have to wait until you've been here a year for your 'proper' rezday, and then you get to hold a rezday bash *g*)

    I do like reading your blog. It's a refreshing change to get a bloke's perspective on SL, especially since most of the other guys' blogs (and there seem to be very few of them indeed) tend to be fashion-oriented.

    Mine started as a challenge to myself, really, and now I continue it partly because I love finding freebies and helping people to get more pixel bang for their Linden buck, and partly because my blog stats scare me sometimes and make me think: "I can't stop! I have to give 'em something!" LOL

    ...gratuitous lingerie pics...

    *gasp!* Marnix, ya perv! ;)

  4. Wahey. 11 months till the par-teeeeeeee. Hehe.

    I am glad you like reading it, Mar. It's nice to get some feedback (especially positive!) and I like to hear that I'm not just writing for myself. Maybe that's why I was so excited about the Google Analytics stuff yesterday.

    And you, keep on doing what you're doing. We all appreciate your efforts and your readers demand it!

    Hey, come on. We all can appreciate some aesthetic beauty can't we? Perving sounds so nasty ;)

  5. "And personally, I like writing, even if no-one reads."

    Well! I'll just take my 7 readers and vamoose then, shall I?

    I'm kidding. I'm not really a stalker, I'm just enjoying your blog immensely.

    I too like to write just to write. It's my journal of sorts for rl and sl. Sometimes I wish more people read and commented, but most of the time I am just happy to have put my feelings down for me.


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