Thursday, March 19, 2009

Strange adventure

I went a-wandering tonight, and came across a kayak. There was a note to say that it was free for anyone to use, so I sat down, picked up the paddle and embarked on a curious adventure.

I passed dolphins, I passed a giant drinking bird and a chinese junk. Eventually I came to the place where I had to leave my kayak and proceed without it, the end of the rainbow.

I attempted to make my way over to the rubber ducky ring, but the current was strong and I was swept away into the mists. Suddenly, from out of the smoky clouds a vision appeared, towering over me. A sea serpent swam on by, as I cowered, it not noticing me.

The mists cleared and I came across a Spanish galleon, abandoned by all crew. Eerie and silent, I looked around and then noticed why the crew had left the ship so.

Fighting back my fear, I invited Kong for tea. He duly accepted, the polite fellow. I made scones. Afterwards he lifted me high into the sky in his hand and showed me the extent of his kingdom.

To repeat my footsteps search for 'Whimsy' or 'Eccentricity'. Awesome places both.

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