Monday, March 23, 2009

Top of the Pops

I read earlier today on Alicia's blog about a ranking of SL blogs. It is something ArminasX Saiman has pulled together and it sounds like it was a lot of work. Major kudos goes to him for attempting this, as well as for putting up with the disgruntled crap that will be flung his way as a result.

The first thing to spring from this collection of blog rankings was the number of active SL blogs out there. ArminasX lists 585. Woh. And I thought my reading list was long. I find it dually a comfort and a worry that there are that many. It's a comfort to feel our small community is actually not so small after all. And it's a worry because I am so obsessive about this sort of thing that I know if I start going through this list I'll add even more to my reading list and I'll find it even harder to fit RL work around SL reading.

The second thing to spring from this collection of blog rankings is that I'm not on it. Hurray! I actually find it quite liberating to not be on the list, strangely. I'm not sure why though. After all I could be the 343rd highest ranked SL blog (just below Digital Knickers) and I'll never know.

But then, looking through the list and reading the multitude of comments I've found I'm not the only one to have been missed off. There are loads that haven't shown up, for whatever reason. I actually find that more disappointing than being missed off the rankings list in the first place. Maybe I just liked to think I was unique but that sheen is now tarnished.


  1. So much to say, that I may just blog about it myself!!!!
    1. Who gives that blogger the right to publish such a thing
    2. Techno-whatsit? Who gives a shoot.
    3. Why are the stores on the list? thats not a blog, its a means of advertising, releasing new stuff, and showcasing.
    4. I believe you need to aim higher and at least get somewhere betw 'alphamale' and 'I make HUDDLES'. Good luck with that - its good to have a goal.
    5. I'm hoping for next year to come in at least one spot higher than 'Machinations of an evil teeny tiny kitten'. But then, I am a perfectionist.
    6. Grr stoopid ranking rankings. Now I feel useless, unloved and unwanted. But then it helps to have more than two readers, I guess. lol

  2. I await the ranty blog... hehe.

    Don't worry, Nana. You and me can be unranked together. I'd rather be an outcast with a friend anyhow :)

  3. I just could not stand by without responding. I am "that blogger" who published the list.

    The information is publicly available and anyone could do it. I felt that all existing lists of blogs were in very poor shape and that we (the SL blogosphere) deserved something better. I spent considerable time building the list, which is now tremendously better than anything other known list.

    I have also spent even more time handling complaints from people who don't seem to understand what was done.

    I did not rate the blogs; they were rated by another service (Technorati) and I am merely republishing their information. To obtain the ranking data, you must already know the name and URL of each blog.

    I missed many blogs, because, I am sorry to say, I don't actually follow all the 2000+ SL blogs that seem to exist - but I did briefly examine by hand around 1800 candidates and discarded hundreds of dead or not relevant blogs.

    Determining the relevancy of a given blog is a very difficult thing to do. My rule of thumb was that if there was SL-related content on the front page, it was included. Any further investigation would have led to literally weeks of effort to cover all 1800+ candidate blogs.

    I did what I could to provide everyone with a better list, that's all.

    Marnix, I will include yours on the next iteration, which will occur once the suggestions slow down. Thanks for mentioning the list!

  4. Thanks for taking the time to respond to Banana, ArminasX. Much appreciated.

    I read some of the responses on your own site. It's amazing what emotions one just doing something for interest's sake can stir up, eh?


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