Friday, March 27, 2009


Is it usual, I wonder, for every single person on my (short but distinguished) friend list to be (ostensibly) a lass?

11 out of 11 friends on Plurk and 9 out of 10 of my blog followers too.

I wonder why that is.

And while we're on the subject of friends, I'm still finding the whole 'right time to be-friend' people thing somewhat trying. When I first arrived inworld, I was young(er) and naive(r) and whenever I met anyone and exchanged more than two sentences I offered friendship. Multiple rejections and whole lot of blog reading on etiquette later I am now more tentative, but perhaps overly so.

Obviously it's a really useful tool to know when people you might want to talk to are online. It saves playing IM tag until eventually you send one and don't get the 'this person is offline...' thing thrown back at you. And there truly are people whose blogs I read, whose plurks I share, who read and comment here too, that I'd love to meet in SL. So many interesting and funny people.

And some of them are blokes too!


  1. Open a profile and youll see in the top right corner "Currently online" if they are and not if they're...erm...not.
    Unless theyve hidden their profile from you ro muted you. BWAHahahaha

  2. Ooh, now there's clever

    P.S. - The above needs to be read in a Welsh accent.

  3. I never worried about it. I think I offered or got offered friendship when I kept seeing the same people all the time and talking to them. At that time I used to stalk lucky chairs a lot and you get to meet the same people in various stores, they're familiar names. After awhile you're like, "Hi there! It's me again!" LOL

    Later a lot of my friends were from fellow bloggers whose blogs I read and commented on, and now the friendship offers involve people I'm meeting on Plurk :)


  4. I know its a hard thing this.....the 'should I shouldn't I offer' thing....but you mention all the ohter ways of meeting ppl...thro plurk or the blogs.....I dont do use either....I just live inworld and have done for a while now....if you feel a connection then offer....alot will accept...some reject...if u've not heard from then in response to ur im in days then defriend them....not difficult...and certainly not hurtful....but I maybe wrong :o)


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