Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dancing girls and mystery tours

It always amazes me, as I hop from island to island, that every third or fourth tp finds me in a land with a strip club.

Are we all that obsessed with getting nekkid?

Not that I'm being prudish about this or whatever. Don't get me wrong - I like nekkid as much as the next bloke, it's just the scale of the "adult entertainment industry" in SL that amazes me. Of all the shapes the virtual outpourings of our fellow residents' imaginations could take, one in four is nekkid-shaped. Or maybe my random tp-ing is just drawn to them. Like a moth to a nekkid flame.

I presume I'm not the only one around these parts to engage in some unplanned sim-jumping. It's always a nice surprise to look at the large map, pick an island on the edge of the view and just tp in, not knowing what to find, what to expect. Will the sim be derelict, under construction or beautifully finished in intricate detail? Will it be a place to shop, a place to live, or a place to wander? Should I pick a place buzzing with people, or somewhere deserted? There's something liberating about the whole process. A magical mystery tour with no bus driver.

I do think though, it'd just be nice sometimes to have someone to share those moments with. My list of friends is slowly growing, it's true, but I probably have more regular contact with SL folk in the blogosphere, rather than the Sluniverse, which seems strange. I think timezones are probably my major problem. Being located on a tiny island at the bottom of the Pacific means my usual inworld time tends not to overlap with that of others. Even if I stay around until 1 in the morning my time. Again.

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